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Wyke Farm was a semi-derelict dairy farm when we took it on in 2008. Its days as a dairy farm were over and the land, whilst in "good heart", had not been managed for several years. The Chapple family (of whom "Old Tom" was part) still farm very locally and tell us much of Tom's time living at Wyke Farm. The heritage buildings associated with the farmstead were of little use for modern day farming practices, but due to their listed status, required preservation. The building known as the Shippon originated, we believe, as a farm wall, intended to keep prevailing sou'westerlies off the farmstead.

The restoration and conversion of the small farmstead has occupied much of our tenure here, being very much a "labour of love". We have lots of future plans for both the farmstead and our guest offering. Whilst farming is a difficult, if not impossible commercial proposition in the UK in these times, our diversification activities now allow us to restore our pasture to better condition and productivity. Whilst it is not our plan to be certified organic, we have been going through an organic conversion and are happy to show all of our guests and customers how this fits with the future development of our flock of rare breed sheep. We will happily chat to you about our work here and some of the research projects we are involved with. Should you wish to know! After all, you are on holiday!!